NFTs, Meet: VR. AR. 3D. 360°.


LINK your 2D or 3D NFT Avatars, Worlds, and Photographs to The World Link

GENERATE shareable hyperlinks like and

INCLUDE those hyperlink Portals on your existing NFT Marketplace's item page

ENABLE collectors to interact with those NFTs in 3D, AR, VR, 360° with The Portal

What The World Link IS

A portal to experience NFT Worlds and Avatars in VR, 3D, 360°, and AR

The World Link Network allows your exising NFTs to be viewed in VR, AR, and more. Artists can link their existing 3D worlds, 2D scenes, and 2D/3D avatar/character NFTs to The World Link. This allows your collectors to immersively interact with your NFTs in 3D, AR, 360° Video, and VR (features not seen on most NFT Marketplaces!).

Link NFT content up to 1 GB for interaction on The World Link (unlike many sites that limit 10MB to 50MB).

See this guide on how to use the website to immerse yourself with the NFT Worlds and Characters.

Please read The World Link's Rules Of Use before using the website and its services.

The World Link is not an NFT Marketplace. NFTs are not for sale here (although, there are plans* to allow NFT artists to get paid additionally for linking NFTs on The World Link in the future).

You can contact the developer with any feedback, bug reports, or questions at, or by messaging the project's Twitter page

What The World Link IS BECOMING (*Roadmap)

The World Link is currently in its beta phase, with many more features planned to be added, including:

- A portal for Creators to upload their work on their own (currently limited to request)
- Desktop VR headset compatibility (currently mobile VR only)
- Immersive VR with game controllers compatibility
- Ways for Creators to get paid for having their content on The World Link
- Ways for explorers to still interact with otherwise exclusive, VIP, or expensive NFT worlds
- Easier ways for explorers to discover new worlds
- Creator Galleries

And, best of all:

- The Goal of This Project: to continue development and tie all worlds on The World Link Network together in one massive metaverse

Link NFTs

No matter if your NFT is 2D or 3D, The World Link lets your collectors interact with it in VR and AR

1 GB limit

Yes. You can upload your artwork to be viewed up to 1 GB, in 1080p, 2K, and beyond


The World Link, and its contents, are all streaming from the decentralized web: the InterPlanetary File System.

Step Into NFTs

You can visit other artists' NFT Worlds and NFT Avatars when you ENTER the app

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