Link your existing NFT Worlds and Avatars to a growing, decentralized universe

Generate a World Link Portal hyperlink for your NFT Sales page. This portal allows your collectors to interact with your NFT World, Photo, or Avatar in 360°, Mobile VR, AR, and 3D.

Want to Connect your NFTs to The World Link?

#1 Ensure connecting your NFT and its contents complies with The World Link's Rules of Use (see here).

#2 Prepare your NFT content according to these guideines

#3 Follow the submission steps below

How To Submit Your NFT to The World Link

Step 1)
Create your incredible world in any software/engine you desire (no world builder constraints like other metaverses!)

Step 2)
Mint your NFT world on your marketplace of choice

Step 3)
Export your world or character content according to these guidelines for use in The World Link (up to 1 GB! Bye bye, tiny MB file size limits!).

Step 4)
*(Currently) Contact The World Link, at that you would like to create an interactive webpage for your NFT (future: self-upload interface).
Be sure to include the link to your NFT's sale page, and higher resolution images/photos of your NFTs for use in The World Link. Also, include all supporting content (according to the previous guidelines) in your email submission.

(After Request Completed)
Step 5)

Copy the link generated for your NFT interaction portal on The World Link, add it to your NFT item page (and don't forget to mention this feature in your description!).
Visitors to your NFT item page can be redirected to its complimentary World Link interaction portal (as described above) for a more immersive experience with your NFT.

Step 6)
Keep creating. And help grow The World Link universe

How it works:

When you upload your content to The World Link (which currently needs to be done by emailing The World Link as described above), it generates a hyperlink for your content. The hyperlink will look like, or

Take that hyperlink, and include it somewhere on that NFT's Sale page on it's marketplace (such as in the item description). When collectors click on that hyperlink, they will be brought to that NFT's World Link Portal, where it can be viewed in VR, AR, and more!

The content files are stored on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), a system that is used by many popular dApps and NFT Marketplaces. This allows you to store very large files (up to 1GB!) to interact with on The World Link.

In the future, there are plans to add a crypto wallet integration to The World Link, to allow VIP access to your Worlds and Avatars (based on who owns that NFT), and other ways for you to make money from your Worlds and Avatars (follow @theworldlinknet for development updates).

For now: To Delete/Alter content, please contact

*The World Link is brand new and has only recently been released. Users can already interact with NFTs in AR, 3D, 360°, and mobile VR, but many features are still in development.

A portal for artists to submit their content through the website is currently under development.

You can also contact the developer with any feedback, bug reports, or questions at, or by messaging the project's Twitter page