Learn how to interact with NFTs on The World Link in:

3D | AR | VR | 360°

3D (Desktop and Mobile)

Click/Tap and drag around the 3D model on the "3D/AR" menu page when you Visit or Meet an NFT World or Character.

Scroll/Pinch to zoom in and out on the 3D model

AR (Mobile Only)

Tap the "View in AR" button to load your mobile device's AR viewer. Follow the prompts to load the NFT in your space.

Pinch to zoom in or out on the model if it is too large or too small.

Tap and drag the model to place it in different places in your space.

VR (Mobile Only, currently)

*You will first need mobile VR gear. There are cheap, affordable versions (around $15 USD) that work perfectly with The World Link.

(Do your own research, The World Link does not recommend or endorse any particular model or brand. But here are some links to maybe help start your research: "I Am Cardboard", "Google Cardboard")

To view in mobile VR:

1) In the "VR/360°" menu tab on the page you Visit or Meet a World or Character, click the circle VR button.

2) Rotate your device sideways (into landscape mode)

3) Place your device into your mobile VR headset*

4) Tap the "+" and "-" buttons on the screen to adjust the zoom/focus of the VR scene in your headset. Zoom in or out until the VR scene comes into focus through the VR headset lenses.

5) Enjoy the experience! :)

To exit VR, click the "Exit" button in the top left.

For info on how to use VR, click the "i" button.

It is not recommened to click the fullscreen button, as most device sizes won't instantly have the proper zoom/focus. It is recommened to rotate your device sideways and just use the +/- zoom buttons.

In the 360° Video viewer, before entering VR mode, you can toggle the Video Quality for your VR experience (see the file size and Internet data usage WARNING in the 360° section below when increasing Quality).

360° Video (Desktop and Mobile)

Load the "VR/360°" page from the menu when you Visit or Meet an NFT World or Character. The 360° video player will instantly appear. Click play to watch the video. Drag the video player around to view in 360° (the drag direction may be inverted on some devices).

To accomodate different device performances and Internet speeds, tap the "Quality" button to toggle between different video resolution and size.

WARNING: The player auto loads on "Low" Quality. Anything above Low may use lots of Internet or cellular data (50 MB to 1 GB), and might require a fast Internet speed. Keep this in mind when adjusting Quality.

If some users have a slow Internet connection for the moment, some pieces will offer a "Still" Quality, where there is no video motion (but you can still drag around to view), and the file size is smaller to load easier.